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Reach new customers and grow revenue with a single platform that provides a truly local payment experience in France and around the world.

Rapyd provides deep local payment expertise in every market and manages infrastructure, licensing, and compliance so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Local payment methods including cards, bank transfers and cash
  • Accept payments and make payouts in 100+ countries
  • Online, in-store and mobile app payments
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Top payment methods available through Rapyd in France



Access international and local debit and credit card networks

Bank Transfers


Collect bank payments and disburse funds to banks



Convert cash to electronic funds at ATMs and convenience stores

Payment Methods


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  • Consumers Who Use Credit Cards
  • Annual eCommerce Market Value
  • Smartphone Penetration
  • Bank Account Penetration
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Top eCommerce Payment Methods


Provide a Local Payment Experience in France

Though cards are still the preferred payment method in France, digital wallets are growing in popularity and are now in second place. The fastest-growing payment method is bank transfers which are worth €10.8B. As the second-largest ecommerce market in Europe, France is a key country to include when selling online in Europe.

  • 24.5% Bank Transfer Annual Growth


  • €17.2B eCommerce on mobile devices

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